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Zhongshan Dingnuo Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-end drive power supply manufacturing enterprise engaged in research and development, production, and sales. It specializes in intelligent tube spotlights, intelligent switch power supplies, conventional switch power supplies, magnetic suction power supplies, etc. It adheres to the product concept of safety, reliability, intelligent environmental protection, and compliance with standards. All products have passed 3C, CE, CB, and other certifications, making it the preferred brand for intelligent enterprises.

The company has a dust-free SMT workshop, a dust-free production workshop, and laboratories that meet national standards. We have advanced production equipment, including fully automatic SMT machines, automatic printing machines, dual track differential speed reflow soldering, lead-free wave soldering, intelligent aging equipment, etc.

Instruments and equipment

Experimental equipment is distributed in various stages of research and development and product validation, including the following categories:

 ●Safety testing equipment   ●Photochromic and electrical testing equipment    ●Reliability testing equipment     ●Life testing equipment   ●Stress testing equipment

Manufacturing capability

●1000㎡ clean room  ●2 automatic opposite plug-in lines  ●2 multi-functional Samsung SMT machines  ●1 lead-free reflow soldering unit

●2 automatic printing machines  ●2 lead-free wave soldering machines     ●4 intelligent constant temperature aging cabinets